How to wager casino bonus

Players see the casino bonus that they can be awarded at a certain point in time as a kind of free money. In a way that is of course correct, but not quite. The fact is that you cannot simply have the bonus money that you receive from an online casino paid out, on the contrary. Before this becomes possible, you must therefore clear the bonus money. The way in which that free play should be done depends entirely on the conditions attached to the casino bonus. Are you also curious about what these conditions are exactly? You will discover all about it here on this page!

Why do you have to clear a casino bonus?

The first question many players ask themselves is why a casino bonus should be released exactly. However, we do not have to look very far for the answer to this question. If there were no wagering requirements, all players could have the bonus money they receive immediately paid out to their bank account. That is of course something that the online casino wants to prevent at all costs. If one did not apply gambling conditions, offering casino bonuses would no longer offer a financial perspective for online casinos. The result might then be that the bonuses would disappear. Despite the fact that clearing a casino bonus seems a bit annoying in practice, it is something that is actually not more than normal.

How exactly does a casino bonus release work?

We now know that every casino bonus that you can receive as a player must be released. The question that everyone will now ask themselves is how exactly this works. Before we go into this in more detail, it is always important for you as a player to thoroughly evaluate the casino bonus you wish to claim. In the majority of cases, you as a player will claim a so-called deposit bonus. This is a bonus that allocates a certain percentage of extra bonus money based on the own deposit you make. The shoe is just pinching here. Many players simply deposit any amount and are then satisfied with the amount of bonus money they receive. That could be better.

When you go to view the casino bonus terms and conditions, it is not only clear how you can unlock them. In addition, it is also the case that it will also be indicated which limits apply to the bonus in question. In other words, how much percentage of bonus money will you receive and up to what amount can you claim it? For example, is there a 100 percent deposit bonus with a limit of 100 euros? Then you as a player always do well to also deposit 100 euros yourself. After all, this is the only way to claim the maximum bonus! Now that you know this we are going to look at the different requirements that are usually associated with a casino bonus. We list these requirements in detail for you below.

1.) How many times should the (bonus) money be played around?

Viewing the conditions for unlocking a casino bonus initially means paying due attention to the number of times the (bonus) money must be played around. We deliberately put the word “bonus” in parentheses here because in certain cases an online casino may require the player to wager the full amount. So say in other words that you have deposited 100 euros yourself and you have received a deposit bonus of 100 percent, so that you will receive the same amount extra. In total you then have 200 euros to gamble with. When wagering conditions of 30x apply, this means by default that you must wager 30 times the bonus amount. In this case, it is therefore about 30 times 100 euros. That is freely doable in practice. However, it becomes a completely different story when you have to wager 30 times the full amount. Then you have to play around 30 times 200 euros before you can proceed to pay out. This is certainly something that you as a player will always want to check emphatically.

2.) What maximum bet can be placed?

As far as freeing a casino bonus is concerned, a certain maximum bet that can be placed per game round must always be taken into account. In practice, the exact amount of this maximum bet always depends on the bonus in question. It is incredibly important to pay the necessary attention to this. Do you as a player bet more than the limit allows? Then the chances are very high that you can whistle behind your winnings. In any case, the profit achieved will not count towards the release of the bonus. The maximum bet that you can place per game round is therefore definitely something you will want to take into account in practice.

3.) With which casino games can you release your casino bonus?

The third point to take into account has to do with the casino games that you can try your luck with when it comes to freeing a casino bonus. After all, in the majority of cases it is the case that only slots that have a low variance and possibly even a limited RTP can be used for this purpose. Other casino games can be excluded from wagering or can only count for a limited percentage. A well-known example of such casino games are table games such as roulette and blackjack. For these casino games, they usually only count for a limited percentage when clearing a casino bonus. In practice, this can be as little as 25 percent or even less.

4.) How much time do you have to clear the bonus?

A fourth condition that you can be confronted with when playing a casino bonus relates to a possible period of time within which the bonus must be redeemed. In the past, this bonus condition was applied more often, but it still exists today. This condition states that the casino bonus must be released within a certain time. Are you unable to do so? Then that will cause you to lose the bonus money. It may be clear, when you are going to accept a certain casino bonus you should always make sure that you have enough time to play them around. Don’t have that time? Then it is actually a shame to subscribe to it.