Live Casino 2022

Since there are live casino games, the gambling world is upside down. More and more software houses and online casinos are choosing to set up a live offer. There are certainly many similarities between the companies. Some, however, are known for taking their own way.The best example is certainly Sunmaker , because it offers live roulette tables, which are peppered with elements of well-known Novoline games. The creativity in this category knows no bounds. In itself, however, live casino games can still be described as real, real classics – those that bring the feeling of a real casino into your home living room.

By the way, there are not any live online casinos so far. Most of them are normal online casinos that have extended their modern and classic slot machines and digital gaming tables with some live classics. These can usually be found in a separate section. For a good overview is therefore taken care of, especially for inexperienced customers want to make the operator as easy as possible.

The experience of bringing live games is incomparable. It feels like being in a real casino without having to leave the house. The streaming takes place in real time, sent from a purpose-built casino room in which, for example, blackjack, roulette or even poker can be played. The opponent : A real live croupier. And we do not mean any amateur actor, but experienced staff who have been doing his job for many years.

Which live casino games are offered in the casino?

That depends on the company. Popular tables, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and some poker are almost always found – and at least in the standard version. How varied the product range in the section Live Games is, that depends heavily on the provider or the supplying software group. As already mentioned, many a live casino is showing a very innovative side. There are obviously no limits to creativity here. The technological possibilities sometimes provide a “stop” in further development. Therefore, there are also only table games as live variants. The unique attempt to develop a live slot machine has failed miserably at the implementation.

If one ignores the many possible variations of the live casino games , then there is a difference in the providers: the choice of table limits. Most companies offer tables for every budget. But there is a limit set up there at some point. We’ve already seen games that allow stakes up to 100,000 euros per round – an incredible sum and for the average player certainly utopian. However, if you like to gamble, you should absolutely compare the different live casinos.

The future of live casino games – what else is waiting for us?

Blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette are the four pillars on which almost all live casinos are today. Rarely do you find alternative live casino games, which seems to be due to the missing technological component. Whether something will change in the future is difficult to predict. Already, the aforementioned classics have been implemented in innumerable variants, and basically should be happy with it really any game friend.

The hope to be able to use Live Slots at some point has already been broken. Ultimately not a big problem, because after all, it’s about getting customers as real as possible casino in the house. And even there are no live slots offered, but only colorful “boxes” with touch screen and many profit opportunities.