Live Casino Guide 2023

The so-called live casino is really amazing, not in the sense of a birth or anything like that, but the ability to play blackjack or Casino Hold’Em with a professional dealer from home is just pretty cool! Here you will find a lot about Live Casino, including my tips and tricks for the best gaming experience. I hope I can help you!

What is a live casino?

In a live casino, a real casino table game such as blackjack or roulette is offered via video transmission. This would allow you to place your bets directly from your computer by having an advanced software register your selection and place it in relation to the results of the table. All this happens seamlessly and in seconds, just like in a real casino!

The Thrill of live casino

To be completely honest, I find computer versions of games like blackjack and roulette very boring. Besides, I do not really trust them. Of course the games are fair and spit out random results, but they still work in a different way than in real life. That’s why I prefer live casino games!
A live casino offers the transmission of real casino games from all over the world. Besides, it is not a computer, but a real person who serves the tables. That’s something I can trust!
For me, it’s pretty obvious why so many people are interested in the live casino. As if two planets collapsed and the best of both were united!
A live casino gives you the same feeling you have in a real casino, but you can be home away from it! In addition, you have more gaming options in the live casino than in a real casino, and you will not have to pay any parking tickets or entrance fees. This is also a breeze for me!

The Best Casino Games

Nowadays, new types of live casino games are also being marketed, but it is still the old classics that are in charge. Some of the most popular games for live casinos are:


European Roulette is just another word for ordinary roulette with a single zero. It has nothing to do with the European Parliament or the like. This form of roulette is several hundred years old, and the game has already taken everyone under its wing, from kings and queens to famous authors and philosophers. With the invention of live casinos, a glorious new era has dawned for the good old game!


The darling of every real player. If you want to play card games in an online casino, I think it’s all about opting for a live casino. And blackjack in the live casino can actually be very entertaining!

Sometimes, big operators like Las Vegas create special themed themes like “Celebrity Blackjack” or “Sports Blackjack”. That sounds like a lot of fun! Nothing is better in terms of odds of winning or style than blackjack!


The ultimate high roller game. You know Baccarat from James Bond movies and the big Macau casinos where this fast card game attracts the richest players.
At the Live Casino, you do not have to be a millionaire to join the Baccarat table. And the game has never looked better in the sophisticated game studios of contemporary publishers! ¨


Are the games in a live casino fair and secure? Oh, but they sure are! How do you say so beautiful: there are cameras everywhere! Live casino games are offered by game providers worldwide – and they know what they are doing there.

There are no hidden cards or marked dice. You also do not have to worry about mistakes, or that betting disappears into the air. I have been playing for years and have never experienced anything like it. In fact, it should not even be technically possible!
I’ll give you my word that everything that feels like cheating on the part of live game providers is really the fault of a bad casino!


Whether you should play in Live Casino from your mobile phone? Sure, why not! After all, not only online slots have been optimized for the smartphone and tablet. The live casino is easy to access while on the go, and some vendors have even developed special apps to keep things running smoothly!

That’s why the only thing you need for an optimal live casino experience is a smartphone and good headphones – and of course a casino account with enough money on it!


Many people are interested in a worthwhile live casino bonus. But it can be hard to get one. In addition, online casinos also tend to miss some pretty hefty rollover conditions for their live casino bonuses.

The Rollover Terms for Live Casino bonuses are so high because most live table games have a very high RTP. And that in turn results in casinos losing a lot of time on average. Of course, you try to protect your money in the best possible way.  But even if playing with a live casino bonus takes place under difficult conditions, it can certainly still provide you with a lot of entertainment!