Wagering Casino Bonus – How to do it?

In today’s market, there is nothing casinos are fighting harder for than attracting customers, and this is done by offering high bonuses. Norwegians are enticed to register, so they can play for money that is not theirs. Despite this fact, one can still win large sums, completely without spending one’s own money. Of course, there is always a catch to such things, because nothing is 100% free in this world. The catch for bonuses at online casinos is their wagering requirements. These come in many shapes and forms, and in many ways they can dictate and at times ruin your chances of winning.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you know what these turnover requirements entail. Whether it is the actual turnover you must achieve to receive the money, the minimum odds you must place the money on or the time requirement for the turnover, it is essential to keep this in mind. It can quickly affect how you get to play. For example, if you have a tactic where you only bet at low odds, then demands for high minimum odds can be devastating for you. The same can time limits, if you like to play on completely safe games occasionally. Therefore, be very careful when receiving offers of tempting bonuses!

Turnover requirements and turnover

Wagering requirements mean how many times you have to wager the bonus before you can withdraw winnings from games with bonus money. Even if you get a few extra bucks to play for, these are not yours yet. They are the gaming company’s money until you manage to sell them enough times. This can vary from 0 to 40 times, and maybe even more with some companies. Therefore, it is very basic that you follow along here. If you trade a lot, it may not be that dangerous, but if you rarely play, it is difficult to trade the bonus several times.

Minimum odds in wagering requirements

Another aspect that is absolutely fundamental with the wagering requirements is their minimum odds. These can vary widely, but are often between 1.40 and 2.00. In practice, this means that bets that are below the minimum odds do not count towards the requirement. That is, you can not go for a win at odds of 1.30 if the minimum odds are 1.50, no matter how much money you win on the game. This can be a difficult caramel to swallow for those who like low odds games, and it is definitely something to consider before playing. You should not reveal your identity as a player only for a bonus!

Time limits on turnover requirements

You should also be aware that the turnover requirements often include a deadline. This is usually 30 days. In practice, this means that you must redeem the bonus within 30 days. If you do not meet the requirements within the time, the bonus will be deleted. Then it has nothing to say if you have a turnover of several thousand, because you have not met the requirements. This can be very frustrating and a big evil. Imagine that you are, for example, the type who is just waiting for the right games to put your money on. Don’t let this claim break your unbeatable tactics either!

Who offers the best turnover requirements?

Among all the players in the market, we find one bonus more extreme than the other. If there is one thing that characterizes new gaming sites, it is that they really start a crash. Nevertheless, it can generally be said that these will have somewhat higher turnover requirements than what should be acceptable to you. Therefore, be careful when you see high bonuses, and remember to take into account the wagering requirement. Even though you may get a few extra bucks, it’s not always worth it. On the other hand, look for established companies, as these almost exclusively have the best turnover requirements.

If you look at companies that have been in the industry for many years, their bonus is probably not always as extreme as the newer companies. Nevertheless, they often have better turnover requirements. Reliable players such as Unibet, Betsson, Betsafe and Nordicbet are among those with the longest experience in the industry, and also those with the best turnover requirements. Here you will also find bonuses that are good enough for you to get more than enough bonus money to play for. If you want big but realistic bonuses, then you should take advantage of one of these. Anyway, what’s the point of a bonus if you can not wager it?


Where the bonuses come in a row, only the few of us get a good insight into the turnover requirements that are set. This is a scary thought, especially when in some cases we do not have a chance to trade fast enough or at the right odds. These are all concerns we should take into account when choosing a casino. Be careful when you see a tempting bonus, because the turnover requirements behind it are at least as important! Do the research that is needed, but remember that the reputable actors are often the best. Good luck with the game!