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When you start playing casino on the internet you will at least be impressed by how many different casino games there are to choose from. The range of casino games is virtually unlimited regardless of whether you like slot machines or more classic games of chance. The industry for this has really grown in recent years and as a result, a lot of new game manufacturers have been added. Many casinos also offer games from most different manufacturers, which gives the members an incredible variety. Some of the best known game manufacturers in the industry are Net Entertainment, Yggdrasil and Microgaming. 

The two former are also Swedish companies, which makes us extra proud! The games offered at online casinos come in different designs and with creative themes. Today’s slots are also high-tech and give a real cool experience. You can also play with varying winning combinations and there are games ranging from 2 to 243 paylines. With us you can read more about the different game types so that you have more meat on your legs when it is time for you to start playing.


The type of casino games online that have received the most attention in recent years are slots. Slots also go under other names such as slot machines and video game machines. It is this kind of game that reminds most of the old games of chance that you may have experience from if you went ferry or visited some restaurants where games and doubles are available. A form of slot machine only means that you no longer need to pull a physical lever to play and experience excitement. There are several known players who create slot machines for the net. Among the most popular are Netentertainment, Yggdrasil and Microgaming. Many of these game manufacturers are also Swedish companies, which we think is extra fun! Almost every new slot released has a totally unique theme that runs throughout the game and its features. The features can consist of free spins rounds, multiplier or one-time bonus games. All games have completely different functions so you never get bored.

When it comes to the design of the slot machines, this is very varied. So also the betting options in each slot available to play online. Some games offer only three different ways of winning and these can be more closely resembled the old slot machines. While other online slots have thousands of bet lines, giving the player virtually every time. Which type of slot game is right for you, you know best yourself, but we can really recommend you try different types of slots as all slot machines have their charm!


Another type of slot machine is the one that offers different types of jackpots. How many jackpots each such game has is very individual. But the most popular jackpot game holds three progressive jackpots. The fact that these jackpots are progressive means that it grows every time someone plays the game. In other words, there are no fixed sums you win. Instead, these jackpots can reach incredible levels if there are many players wagering money in the game. Some of the best known jackpot games online are Mega Fortune, the Hall of Gods and Divine Fortune. All these three jackpot games are created by the giant Netentertainment. But there are of course also popular games with jackpots created by other manufacturers. One example is the incredibly well-known jackpot game Mega Moolah that the gaming manufacturer Microgaming is behind. At various casino guides there is information to get about some of the absolutely highest jackpot wins online. Among other things, Mega Fortune usually ends up in the limelight and the fact is that this well-known netent castle is even rewritten in the Guinness record book!


You who are more traditional to your layouts certainly appreciate table games more than slot machines. Table games are the more traditional casino games that are played with cards, bullets and a so-called croupier. Examples of these types of games are Roulette, Black Jack and Baccarat. Black Jack is perhaps the form of play that most Swedes know when this game is usually offered at the pub. The game used to go under the name “21”, since it is the sum that you prefer to achieve and also the sum that makes you win against the house. When you play online there are several different types of Black Jack to play on. You have the opportunity to play on both American and European Black Jack but also the stakes may vary between tables. The same goes for the one who is looking to play Roulette online. In addition to the usual table games offered by today’s online casinos, there are also so-called live casinos. This is the absolute latest and the most famous provider of live casino games is Swedish Evolution Gaming. When you play live casino online or via your mobile phone, you are connected to a real land-based casino. 


Another type of game that is common in online casinos in 2017 is video poker. This game probably feels again mainly from station premises where video poker has been around for many years. Then it is Svenska Spel that stands as supplier which is not the case with video poker online. Video poker one might say is a mix of regular poker and slot machines. In other words, the best of both worlds! Video poker is a classic game that is found in several different variations and the game is that you should match different types of poker hands. There are video poker where you only have one hand but you can also play with up to 100 hands. Something that made this game very popular is the incredibly high repayment rate. You often win even if the winnings may not always be so big.

Other games that you can play with today’s online casinos include Keno and lotteries. Many online casinos also offer their members scratch cards, which we think is a nice feature. As you understand, you never run the risk of being bored when you log in to a casino online. Instead, the possibilities are almost unlimited and there is a game for all tastes!

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