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Speedy Casino is named a fast online casino. Make a deposit without registering a casino account, enjoy gambling, and repatriate your winnings record up to even a minute. Simple and easy, like playing a casino in the casino! Speed ​​is a thrill and this is a clearly growing trend in the online casino market. In the past, we have told us about the Faster online casino, which works with the same concept, ie deposits and withdrawals are made through the Trustly payment service through their own bank identifiers.

Speedy Casino has opened its doors in June 2018 and is part of the Swedish Hero Gaming casino family, with previous creations including popular online casinos Casino Heroes and Betser. This casino will resign from the company’s previous online casinos with a faster casino experience that fits nose-to-head to a busy modern person. In spite of speed, the site’s functionality is top notch and offers a varied range of casino games including all of the most popular games available today ranging from slot games to jackpots and traditional table games, including mobile. And best of all, this casino is also great for Finns as the site and customer service will be provided in familiar Finnish. In addition, there are completely tax-free profits for Finnish players, as the casino keeps its hold in a EU Member State in Malta. This is an online casinos that you definitely need to try and get a couple of games almost in a flash, without registering your casino account!

The look of the Speedy Casino is very simple and reduced in its gray-gray tonality, so it differs greatly from its sister casino on Casino Heroes. Casino Heroes is one of the most amazing online casinos on the Internet with its adventurous look. However, Speedy Casino does not need the same way with a specialty or blatant look, as its core idea is to offer players the fastest online casino experience on the market. For this reason, the more silent look is more suitable than this web site. Even Finns hardly seem to be a bit more neutral in appearance, as the Finns are known to be somewhat more confident in the style of friends. A more important aspect of this online casino is its speed, functionality and convenience. There is a lot of effort in that, since right from the front page the title is clear: Play right away without signing up.

This Speedy Casino offers Trustly a money transfer facility, one of the fastest and safest payment options on the market. For Trusty’s service, therefore, we will log in with our own online banking codes, which makes it unnecessary to sign up for a separate online casino. This increases the speed of access to gaming even more so since there is no need to use a casino account to create a casino account, just signing in to the online bank is enough. Deposit with Trustly quickly and effortlessly with just a few clicks. Payouts are also made via the same service provider, and withdrawals appear in your bank account almost immediately, usually within 5 minutes and at best in even a few seconds. Therefore, you can even make a prize money, even if you shop right away or eat at the restaurant because you do not have to wait for a day’s pay for the winnings.

This if something is present and different document submissions to online casinos can be put into history books. This is surely the direction we are going to go to the online gaming market in the future and not put this into our bad.

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